Monday, 20 June 2011

Wedding door gift

We attended hubby's friend's daughter (thats a mouthful!) in BSRC Seria yesterday.  I didnt mind going since its been a while since I travelled to Seria.  And I never attended a wedding at the club before so off we went.  For those who doesnt know, BSRC stands for Brunei Shell Recreation Club.  Its a BSP club for social activities and sports for all Shell employees, located at Panaga.  Off late, its now becoming a wedding venue as well, since it has a rather big hall at the vacinity,a and there is not many big halls in the Belait district.

Arrived and seated at the hall.  I've heard that, since its a Shell building where safety is paramount, there usually was a safety announcement, telling all the patrons on where to look for emergency exit in the event of fire.  And after a while, the annoucement came!  Better safe then sorry, I guess.  I guess totally unexpected for those who were not used to Shell way of working, and way of life.

What I liked most of the wedding is the door gift.  Its a very nice and minty chocolate biscuits. I like that much better than the previous weddings I've attended, and was given gifts like mugs, ceramic, plates, glasses and so on, which I think was just a waste of money. And at the end of the day, we just didnt know what to do with these mugs, plates, glasses, onaments and so on.  And no place to keep too.  At least we got to eat and enjoy these treats, then we dont have to worry about where to keep them.

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