Thursday, 26 May 2011

Astro Beyond

Since watching television is very much a big part of our lives, hubby and I decided to subscribe for Astro Beyond. The decision coincided with the 10th year (or was it 13th?, sorry cant remember) anniversary of DST and they did a promotion on the Astro Beyond package. What they promised was that, by having Astro Beyond, we could watch tv with richer colours, picture perfect clarity and cinematic surround sound. Wow.. And other features wow us as well.  We only had to pay B$165 to get a new dish/receiver and the Astro Beyond set, new smartcard, a new HDMI (HD Multimedia Interface cable) one month subscription fee, a PVR capabilities and 12 added new HD channels. We were told it will cost much much more if its not on promotion.  So why not?

We did the deed last month but they told us they were out of stock. Duh... why did they do promotion when they knew there would be lots of people who wanted to subscribe? So we were put on waiting list. And only 3 weeks later, last weekend, the installation vendor came and installed the set. And we have been enjoying a new “tv experience” thus far.

Huhu.. the new added 12 HD channels are awesome man. My favourite HD channels are : Movies HD, HBO HD, FX HD, AXN Beyond HD, AXN HD and History HD.  Some others, not interested.

Let me tell you what I love about Astro Beyond (haha.. mind you, I am not doing the promotion on their behalf, I just want to share my experience.  If its good then its good right?): 
  • I could record my favourite show/programme! I don’t have to worry if we go out and miss the programme, the tv could record it, just “book” the show and it will record for me! Or even better, I could watch one channel and record another channel – no problem. Or I could watch and record it at the same time.There is a planner where all the scheduled recordings are listed for easy reference and I could go back and re watch it again.
  • I could pause the show! If I want to go to the toilet or to get some drinks in the middle the show, I could just pause it or rewind it or fast forward it, no problem!
  • The clarity is great! Provided you have a HD TV! This is the best thing. We could just sit on our sofa and flip the remote one whole day.

The only downside is that, we have to pay an extra B$15 monthly from now on. But its ok, its no problem since we love watching tv anyway.

Our best spot in the house

The clarity is magnificent.

Our new remote control

Two of our favourite gadgets at home

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